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Selection One


The photographs below were created using the in camera movement (ICM) technique.



Selection Two - Tribute to Mark Rothko


Mark Rothko, of Russian origin, ranks among the most influential Americal artists of Abstract Expressionism. Next to Jackson Pollock, he is counted among the main representatives of the New York School, which developed in the 1940's. The distinguishable quality about his most famous paintings is that a few large blocks of colour dominate the entire picture area, suggestive of different moods and emotions. While at the wedding of my brother-in-law I was inspired by the lighting effects to creat my own Rothko pictures. 



Selection Three



Selection Four



Selection Five - Tribute to Michael Craig-Martin


In 2015 I attended an exhibition by the artist Michael Craig-Martin entitled '"Transience". Inspired by this exhibiiton, I have created 20 images of everyday items which have had a significant impact on my life. I have attempted to re-create Michael's distinctive style of painting. In the three images below, the first was taken at Michael's exhibition to show you his style, while the other two are the before and after photos of a pair of scissors. In each image, I have left behind a part of the original photograph.



The gallery:



Selection Six - Tribute to Ed Ruscha


Below are five compositions inspired by the American pop artist, Ed Ruscha.


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