Dunsborough Park


Dunsborough Park, Ripley, Surrey dates back to the dissolution of the Monasteries when the lands of Newark Abbey were given to a local nobleman. The farmer taking over the land built a farmhouse around a single central brick chimney which has now grown to become Dunsborough House. The gardens were laid out in the 18th, 19th and 20th centuries. Re-opened to the public in 1997 after being restored by garden statuary dealer, Dolf Sweerts de Landas Wyborgh and his wife, Caroline, this magnificent 100-acre estate comprises a series of historical gardens brought to life through vistas and garden architecture.


On their arrival in 1994, the Sweerts Family found a garden where only the structure had been maintained after a long period where both house and gardens had been in the doldrums after the death of Florence Desmond. They engaged Penelope Hobhouse to do the initial restoration of the walled gardens. Simon Johnson divided the older walled garden by the main greenhouses into “rooms” for the display of statuary and lawned the central area as a vista to show off the central Palm House.


The gardens are delightful and stylishly laid out. Worth a visit.



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