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Standen House & Gardens


Standen House is one of the best preserved Arts & Crafts houses in England and contains a magnificant collection of Arts & Crafts furniture and decorative art. The property is owned and managed by the National Trust.



House Exterior


Standen House was designed by the architect Philip Webb in 1895 for James Beale, a wealthy London solicitor. The house adopts the classic Arts & Crafts style, which is characterised by the use of traditional materials, techniques and styles from the local area. A key feature is the non-uniformity of design and materials used. The original estate also contained three medieval farmhouses, of which one survives, adjacent the house.



House Interior


In 1972 Standen's owner, Helen Beale, died and she bequeathed the house to the National Trust. However, the NT were reluctant to accept due to an inadquate endownment to pay for the upkeep. Arthur Grogan, an inspector with the Historic Buildings Council, offered to sell his house in Richmond and make up the endownment, provided he could live at Standen for the duration of his life. While there, he built up a magnificant collection of Arts & Crafts artefacts which he then bequeathed to the NT. Examples, shown in the photos below, include ceiling lights and lamps by W A S Benson, wallpaper and textiles by William Morris, furniture by Morris & Co, vases by William Frend De Morgan, bowls by Charles Passenger, vases by Della Robbia, and clocks by Lewis Foreman Day.



Standen Gardens


Covering 12 acres of hillside, the gardens are made up of outdoor "rooms" which were used for leisure, growing fresh produce and showcasing exotic plants. The site also has  80 acres of ancient meadow and woodlands. The National Trust hold an annual Tulip Festival showcasing a number of traditional tulips from the 1750 to present time. The photos below show some of these tulips, along with the formal gardens.


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